17 July 2014

Slaghuis Hype Magazine CD Launch

In Celebrating our Best of Decade (10th Year Anniversary) Slaghuis Invites you to The Official Launch Of the Slaghuis Hype Magazine Ezasefrijini Compilation.

Live performance by:

Also Featuring DJ's:

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Hype Magazine, Butan Wear & Setebe's Lounge!

#Ezasefrijinicompilation #SlaghuisHypeCDLaunch

The Artists featured on the compilation are some of the talented in the South African Mainstream & Underground Hip Hop Industry; these artists include Molly (Spinna le Gusheshe), 985 (Shapa), F Eezy (Starring) Gimboss (Lomtwana), Jay Stash (Its Ok Feat Tuks and Morale), Riot (Gang of Instrumentals) and many more so get yourself a copy of the June/July Issue of Hype Mag.

Soweto Camp Fest - Slaghuis Stage

The Annual Soweto Camp Festival will once again take place at Lebo's Backpackers in Orlando West / Killarney. The Slaghuis Stage will be Blazing hot with 50 Live Acts on the 29 & 30th of March. 4 DAYS BACK YARD CAMPING IN SOWETO

General Weekend entry R100 (Pre Sold)
• Branded general entry tickets and wrist bands will be issued to the buyer. This allows one to enter for four days at the SCF & access the 3 dance floors/ competitions/ bars/ stalls and food court.

Classic camper Entry = R150 (2 sleeper)
• The client receives a general entry pass
• weekend camping valid for duration of the event
• Camper to bring his own camp tent

The Slaghuis Hip Hop Stage will Feature Live Performances;

Siya shezi
F Eezy
Domestic Violins
The Federation
Deep Soweto
Sbuda P
Chippa M
Spy 2
Chaka Dollar
Nubian Queen

DJ's - Chikin - Tshidex - Herbal - D Boy - Rhaa

King of Street Rap Competition
Big Zulu v/s Riser
Captive Pro v/s Bush
Monga Monga v/s Big Mike
Slege Lee v/s Rhymestein

Top 8 winner v/s Pin Code
Maseven v/s En Gee
Elijah v/s Black Power
12 Gauge v/s Lolli

Queen Of Street Rap Competition
Penetrator v/s G Swagg
Chazz v/s Linda Mash
Zinnycated v/s Pro Chick
Snow White v/s Zinna
Flo Breeze v/s 2lee
Elle v/s Logic

And Many more - 50 Live Acts - 2days of SA Hip Hop's finest performers.

We hope to see you at Lebo's Soweto Backpackers for a memorable weekend...JAYEEIH!!

22 November 2013

Slaghuis is a revolutionary Hip Hop movement birthed ten years ago on the 23rd of November 2003, the vision was to start a movement where Hip Hop Heads could come together to live and love Hip Hop as a community.

Since 2003 to date the Slaghuis movement has successfully paved ways for a number of artists in the Hip Hop music industry such as Pitch Black Afro, Pro kid, Maggz, Molly, F eezy, Siyashezi and 985. Some of the mainstream Artists who have stepped on the revolutionary stage to bless the Slaghuis masses include; Teargas, Slikour, Kuli Chana, Reason, Flabba, Zeus, Proverb, Kwesta & Deep Level just to name a few.

Slaghuis has just finished a documentary titled BEST OF DECADE about the past, the present & the future of South African Hip Hop featuring Artists mentioned above. The DVD will be hittin the Mzantsi Hip Hop scene in 2014 so keep your ears to the street...JAYEEIH!! 

12 November 2013

Why the name “Butan’:

B-U-T-A-N is simply a re-arrangement of letters of the word B-A-N-T-U.

The brand name pays homage to our roots and heritage while the re-arrangement of the letters signifies a changed, entirely new mind set and outlook on life in contemporary South Africa. It is this fusion between cultural heritage and the present day experience that creates the unique look and feel of the brand.

Why 1981: Most of our garments make reference to the year 1981. Contrary to popular belief 1981 is not the year the brand was established but actually the year the founder of Butan was born.

Brand Philosophy:
Butan Wear is deeply entrenched in the urban lifestyle and vibrant underground culture of South Africa’s streets. Key to the brand’s identity is the inventive approach to fashion, which produces highly concept driven designs that epitomize our cosmopolitan roots. Butan is more than just a clothing label, it’s an integral part of street culture.It strives to spread relevant messages and open avenues for alternative perception of our world through innovative design.The brand represents the rich tapestry of the African continent, paying tribute to its influence on contemporary African youth. Every garment is the manifestation of the ideas and aspirations of our generation, our infinite potential and our heritage.

Brand History:
Butan has been commercially available since early 2006 but has its humble beginnings in 2001 when Julian, the founder of the brand, printed 20 tees for his school mates with a simple design he had sketched in his black book. Julian went on to study engineering, but uninspired by the engineering field and fueled by the passion for design and street wear, he decided to start his own street wear brand after finishing his degree.

With only R2000 to play with the brand was carefully built by putting every cent back into the business. Every aspect of the business is self taught and it’s been a journey full of obstacles and surprises.”The cheapest learning you will ever do is in school’ But perseverance and holding onto his dream has paid off. Butan is now fast becoming one of the biggest street wear labels in South Africa and there is no stopping us now.

08 November 2013

Slaghuis is Crowning The King of Street Rap South Africa 2013

Crowning The King Of Street Rap is an annual nationwide Hip Hop music competition and the contest is a first of its kind in the South African Hip Hop Music Industry. All Rap competitions are about Battle Raps & Freestyles but this contest focuses on the Art of writing Hip Hop Music that move the audience. Since 2003 to date Slaghuis Events have successfully paved ways for a number of artists in the Hip Hop music industry such as PRO KID, F EEZY, ZULU MOBB & 985. Crowning The King of Street Rap is no exception as it allows talented Artists the opportunity to express freedom through a music entertainment platform that will contribute to the sustainance of creativity and art. The King of Street Rap Champion wins prizes & hampers sponsored by Domestic, RedBull, Butan Wear & Slaghuis. The King Of Street Rap is taking place on the 30th of November from 14:00 till 02:00 at SLAGHUIS STREET FESTIVAL held at SLAGHUIS STUDIOS in Diepkloof (Soweto). Entrance is free. For More info & updates follow SLAGHUIS Events on Facebook or Contact – Enzo – Project Coordinator +27 73 535 2243 or Email 14enzo@gmail.com

                                               8 FINALISTS – 3 JUDGES – 1 WINNER

29 July 2013

SLAGHUIS TV at The Mundial Festival in the Netherlands

Slaghuis TV was in the Netherlands to broadcast one of the biggest festivals there feat...performances by Selah Sue, Magic Systems and Gold Fish to name a few. It is a festival that connects people from all over the globe into one...check it out & tell us what you think. JAYEEIH!! click link for Video

SLAGHUIS Tours The Netherlands part 2

SLAGHUIS Toured The Netherlands & what more can I say the entertainment industry in Holland is doo dope...we hardly slept during the our three week tour. They have club sessions/poetry events & etc happening everyday over there...South Africa lets create cultural precincts in our Metropolises that could serve as a hub for our Artists. A trip definitely worthwhile...we cant wait to GO back to Amsterdam. 

SLAGHUIS Tours Euro - Netherlands part 1

Slaghuis was Invited to be part of the Coordinating team at one of the Biggest Festivals in Europe - Netherlands...The Mundial Festival was an eye opener & we brought All that knowledge back home, we cant wait to hook up The SLAGHUIS Street Festival on this tip...click link to view photos

SLAGHUIS - The Best of Decade - Mixtape Photoshoot

The Mixtape will be droppin soon as a way of SLAGHUIS Celebrating 10 Years in Existence...Its The Best of  Decade...Click link below to see how the Photo shoot went


What a Nyt...Makhafula Vilakazi was definitely On it yeah!! I feel ds guy is an icon for Kasi Poetry...he is different from the Norm! One of the best Poetry Sessions we've hosted at Danish...Big Up to all da Poets n Masses dat came thru...JAYEEIH!!Click link for Pics...

LMFAO Comedy Nights Presents SMOWKEY NYEMBE - 17 Jan"13

Big Up to all the Comedians who blessed the Platform; Our headliner Smowkey Nyembe U killed it Boi boi & our supporting acts Thabo Mthimkhulu & Zikho you guyd definitely hald it down...Our host Crazy Kay Nys1 Bra lets keep doint it DK Style! The next LMFAO Nyts is ds Thurs Nyt the 7th of Feb stay tuned to SLAGHUIS TV as we bring you JAY BOOGIE...Nuff respect to all da Slaghuis Masses - JAYEEIH!! Click link below to view Photo Gallery

SLAGHUIS TV Presents Izikhokho Cartoons Screening - 20 Dec"12

Izikhokho Show is a collection of animated cartoons by Mdu Comics and Strika Entertainment. They consist of Zuluboy & Rudolph, In Heaven (with Jesus of the ANC & Mbuzi) and Bob & Queng. Come lounge with us this Thursday Nyt as we showcase Mdu Comics hilarious characters like;Zuluboy & Rudolph: A Zulu taxi driver hero and his alien friend Rudolph saves us all from the evil genius Mnaka from Swaziland who wants to take over Southern Africa. Jesus of the ANC and Mbuzi are in kasi heaven and they tour from country to country in search of a greater understanding of stuff. The Man behind it All will be present on the Night to take any questions you might have about animation & his work...so make your way to Danish Lounge and find out more about MDU COMICS! 20 DEC - 6Til1 - Free Entry 

Miller Genuine Draft / Slaghuis Pool Party - 15 Dec"12

Miller Genuine Draught has partneted with SLAGHUIS to bring you THE POOL PARTY...Going down ds Saturday 15 Dec 1 till 11pm in Ridgeway #32 Eldred Str. Siya Swima & please dress according to the theme or you myt not be allowed to enter Its a Pool Party Folks, so ladies come in your shorts & bekiniz...Guys Shorts & Vests! DJ'z, Performances, Water Games & Lovely People! Food will be sold! Bring your Own Booze...Lets GO!!Click link for pics


Slaghuis is keeping the Spoken Word Alive & encouraging lyricism amongst MC'z, Poets & Writerz. In celebrating our 9th Year Annivesary...Poetry in Motion featurez Mandi Poefficient.She will be blessing the Stage with her POETRY IN MOTION this Thursday Nyt. We will have an OPEN MIC so this is an Invition to POETS + MC's to Our Monthly Showcase...Its a Platform for Artists who are looking at penetrating the Sowetan Market & getting their Poetry & Music Exposed to the public. The Art of Story Telling, Punchlines & Lyricism is the order of the DAY so If you feel you represent the following make your way to Danish Lounge on Thirstday NYT 13 December"12 From 6 till 1...FREE ENTRANCE...JAYEEIH!!

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